The Other Side of The Cross

This is that season; that solemn season of reflection, awe and gratitude. The Church calendar is participatory and beautiful and majestic…brimming with the pathos of pity, the possibility of change and hope that burns brighter far at Easter than do all the colors of Christmas. The baby Jesus, now the suffering Servant, the Savior, the Redeemer, now the triumphant, cosmic Christ who has conquered all the opposition to His Lordship and Majesty in the power of self-giving Love.

That is the historical Cross before which we stand in awe. Rightly and Gloriously so!

 But, it is not a Passion Play, not a spectator only event. In commemorating the events of the Easter Story, we often forget that we, all humanity, were in some amazing and utterly mysterious way in the Body of that God-man.  The demise of that body was our death to the power of sin in our lives and the close of the chapter of the book of unspeakable sadness–our separation from the Life of Triune God. The Resurrection and release from the grip of the grave is our resurrection too, sealing our union with the Father, Son and Spirit. The Ascension is our emancipation to be included in the Divine Dance, hearing the music of the joy of Homecoming,

The Other Side of the Cross is our story. Not the church’s story, not the celebration of the few, not the pomp and the parades, but an open invitation to the entire family of the Father’s beloved humanity; the party already in progress. Hear the music….they are playing your tune!

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