Apres the Holidays

Ah well, time to take all the tinsel down, unplug the lights, drag out the tree leaving a trail of discarded needles in its wake! Listening to Yo-Yo Ma’s magnificent cello music is catharsis for my soul and the equivalent of being dragged out of ennui after the Holidays. There is but the lingering remembrance of so much that was special, significant and slipped away; so much more and distant than just after the Holidays! Here is a poem I wrote that captures the sadness, with which, i am sure, many of you will identify!

Black Holes

When someone so close leaves, and is gone

they leave a black hole in the soul, a place

like in space

where the pull of gravity

creates such a calamity

that not even light shines through

that those we knew

so absent

so untouchable

so unreachable

out of sight and sound

While we are so earthbound

they never return to resume the race

to embrace

We so wanted then to stay; could we not replay

one more episode of your voice, your touch

you are missed so much

There is a black hole in my soul that traps the light

my bitter plight

till some grand morning, the light will be released

the longing ceased

together again, twinned in the light

no more night

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